9/18          Kepler’s Books
9/18          Town Hall Books / University Bookstore
10/10        American Enterprise Institute
11/15        Powell’s Books

6/3          USA Today, oped by authors on science education
7/2          USA Today, essay by Berezow, book mentioned in byline
7/13        Los Angeles Times, essay by Berezow
7/14        Economist, essay by Berezow
7/15        Kirkus, review: “A sophisticatedly vitriolic, somewhat tongue-in-cheek addition to the current election debate.”
Sept.       The Washington Spectator, review confirmed for September
Fall          Publishers Weekly, fall preview issue
9/1          San Francisco Chronicle, Kepler's event mention  
9/1          San Jose Mercury News, Kepler’s event mention
9/23        Wall Street Journal, review: “In Science Left Behind, journalists Alex B. Berezow and Hank Campbell show that conservatives hardly have a monopoly on motivated reasoning, usefully revealing how pervasive scientific misinformation is in progressive arguments on organic and genetically modified foods, clean energy, nuclear waste and other matters.”
9/24        Washington Times, interview with Berezow
9/28        USA Today, oped by authors
10/1        Washington Times, interview with Berezow
Oct.         Scientific American, to be subject of column by Michael Shermer

7/7          John Curley Show, Berezow guest host and event mention
9/9          KPFK, “The Insighters,” interview with Campbell
9/10        New Hampshire Public Radio, “Word of Mouth,” interview
9/12        “Culture Shocks with Barry Lynn,” interview with Campbell
9/19        WLRN, “Topical Currents,” interview with Berezow
9/24        The Jim Bohannon Show, interview with Campbell
9/19        Wisconsin Public Radio, “The Joy Cardin Show,” interview
9/24        Michael Medved Show, interview with Berezow
10/10      WMJI, “Lanigan and Malone,” interview with Campbell
10/21      KTNF, Athiest Talk Radio (Minnesota), interview with Berezow
10/15      WBEZ Chicago, interview with Campbell

9/18        The Seattle Channel (local cable channel) to record Town Hall event
9/10        “Fox & Friends,” interview
9/12        KVON, "Late Mornings with Jeff Schechtman"
9/25        MSNBC, "The Cycle," interview with Alex Berezow
10/10      Reason TV, interview with Berezow and Campbell
10/13      “Fox & Friends Weekend,” interview with Berezow
10/22      CSPAN, “Book TV,” covered AEI event
10/24      MSNBC, “The Cycle,” interview with Berezow

7/26        CNN GPS blog, essay by authors
8/21        Marginal Revolution, brief review by Tyler Cowen
9/7          Huntington News, review
9/8          Real Clear Politics, essay by authors
9/9          The Progressive Contrarian, review
9/11        PolicyMic, review
9/11, feature
9/11        Red, Green, and, review
9/11, review
9/14        Bio Porfolio, review
9/18        “The Capitol Hill Talks” podcast, interview with Berezow
9/24        Washington Policy, review
9/26        Wonkette Blog, review
10/2        Living on the Real World blog, review
10/10      The American Interest, Q&A with authors to run online
TK , review
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