Science Left Behind

Science Left Behind

“Entertaining, enlightening, and important. This valuable book should shatter the left’s smug certainty that science registers as a partisan Democrat. Berezow and Campbell provide persuasive evidence and arguments that should reshape conventional wisdom on a wide variety of current controversies.” —Michael Medved, nationally syndicated talk radio host, author of The 10 Big Lies about America

“A provocative argument.” —Greg Critser, author of Eternity Soup: Inside the Quest to End Aging

“Berezow and Campbell provide a convenient retelling of progressive excesses, reminding us that the real enemy of progress is the refusal even to entertain a sincerely-held opposing view. But with fundraising the lifeblood of all political groups, each side must manufacture an enemy, and lock themselves in a lucrative (but dysfunctional) embrace. The book concludes with practical compromises, and an appeal for all sides to embrace the scientific method, even when it challenges their orthodoxy.” —Dave Ross, daily commentator for the CBS Radio Network and former Democratic nominee for Congress

For years pundits, activists, and journalists have maintained that where science is concerned, the left knows best. In their view, evolution, stem cells, and climate change comprise the holy triumvirate of sins against reason, and the worst heretics are conservatives and libertarians––all the while ignoring the fact that those on the left cling to a far greater number of anti-scientific beliefs.

In Science Left Behind science writers Dr. Alex B. Berezow and Hank Campbell draw open the curtain on the left’s fear of science. They show how vague inclinations about the wholesomeness of all things natural, the unhealthiness of the unnatural, and many other seductive fallacies have led to an epidemic of misinformation. Aversion to clean energy programs, fundamental biological research, and even life-saving vaccines come naturally to many progressives, even though such positions are supported by little more than junk-science and paranoid thinking.

Partisanship has infected and inhibited objective research and reporting for too long. As a result, debate has become constricted by both the politicization of science and the parallel phenomenon of the “scientization” of politics. To those who would claim that any one party deserves the mantle of being “pro-science,” Berezow and Campbell offer a bracing corrective. At its core, Science Left Behind is a provocative polemic that exhorts Americans on all sides of the political spectrum to look more closely at the issues we take for granted, lest we become embroiled in a new culture war over basic scientific facts.
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